The RPS400 is a fully featured atmospheric pressure plasma based on DCSBD technology providing a plasma area of about ~ 20 cm x 8 cm.

The RPS 400 is capable of continuous operation (24/7) under industrial conditions (dusty air/humidity). The main advantage of the RPS400 is its high level of safety, due to the unique design of its high-voltage cable assembly, which is electrically hidden in oil tubes. This configuration makes the system very safe, because no bare contacts of high voltage are present.

RPS400 is often employed for surface treatment of fabrics (porous surfaces), plastics (PMMA, PET), metals (copper, aluminium), wood, glass, ITO glass, silicon and others.

The RPS400 outperforms other plasma systems by extremely short plasma treatment times (less than 1 s for total hydrophilization of glass), extremely low energy consumption (high plasma density), high level of uniformity in various gases (even oxygen, carbon dioxide, water vapour, etc.) and practically unlimited lifetime on contrary to standard surface DBDs.

Main features

  • Power: 3×400/230 V + PE, 50 Hz
  • Plasma parameters: 400 W (20–30 kV, 18–14 kHz) in one plasma unit
  • Plasma area: 195 mm × 80 mm
  • Gas: open-air and nitrogen and other technical gases upon request
  • Continuous operation
  • Customizations: control panel fully integrated into customers lines
  • Scalability: higher number of DCSBD plasma units, treatment width 1 m by 5-6 plasma units


  • Large and rapid production lines of flat or porous materials
  • Oxidation and reduction of surfaces
  • Flexible materials and nanomaterials
  • Modification of optoelectronic properties, conduction and valence bands, bandgap