The RPS40+ is a fully automatic plasma unit capable of being integrated into any manufacturing process.

It uses the same plasma unit as RPS40; however, the operation times are significantly longer, and it works for the activation and cleaning of glass, plastics, semiconductors, metals and other surfaces.

Examples of customizations

RPS40 Plus for the integration into the inline process

RPS40 Plus plasma unit can be customised and directly integrated into your process. The plasma control is by a proprietary panel or externally by PLC communication.

RPS40 Plus integrated within the reactor for the ultrafast treatment

Rotational movement of the sample provides very fast (min 0.15 s) plasma processing. We can provide RPS40 Plus standalone or integrated into any treater with the linear or rotational movement of the sample.

Main features

  • Power: 230 VAC
  • Plasma parameters: 40 W (7 kV, 20 kHz)
  • Plasma area: 50 mm × 20 mm
  • Gas: open air (possibly to customize to other gases using the chamber of injection of gas to plasma unit vicinity)
  • Plasma operation limited to 300 s
  • Various customizations: temperature control, gas control, power control


  • Small production lines of flat or porous materials
  • Oxidations and reduction of surfaces
  • Plasma chemistry studies in various gases