The RPS30 is a low-power atmospheric plasma system equipped with a multi-hollow surface dielectric barrier discharge (MSDBD) plasma unit enabling the treatment of thermally-sensitive surfaces at various distances.

MSDBD unit consists of an array of 105 hollow-surface dielectric barrier discharges located within the holes. The working gas flowing through the holes enables efficient working distances up to 5 mm.

Main features

  • Power: 230 VAC / 19 VDC
  • Plasma parameters: 30 W (7 kV, 20 kHz)
  • Plasma area: 18 mm × 18 mm, 105 holes,
    diameter 0.8 mm, in robust alumina ceramics
  • Gas: open-air, synthetic air, nitrogen, oxygen, CO2 / compressed gases on request
  • Plasma operation limited to 45 s


  • Patterned surfaces
  • Fine treatment of biological materials
  • Generation of ozone
  • Plasma in aerosols