Optimization of the generation of plasma-activated medium with a high content of ozone and hydrogen peroxide for decontamination of heat-sensitive materials


Project Identification:TJ04000329
Project Period:7/2020 – 6/2022
Investor / Pogramme / Project type:Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, ZÉTA
Faculty of Science, RNDr. Zlata Kelar Tučeková, PhD.
Cooperating Organization:ROPLASS s.r.o.
Budget MU:2 954 624 CZK
Budget Roplass:2 250 500 CZK
Program Zéta


The aim of the proposed project is the determination of parameters for efficient decontamination and/or sterilisation of thermally sensitive materials at atmospheric pressure. For this purpose, the surface dielectric barrier discharges will be used for plasma-activation of gaseous media to produce the atmosphere with a high-ratio of ozone and hydrogen peroxide. These active species are generated in the oxygen gas with an admixture of water vapour. The decontamination potential of produced plasma-activated media will be evaluated by microbiological testing. The main results of the project is a prototype of the decontamination device and verified technology for the construction of scalable commercial plasma devices (decontamination chambers) for utilization in medicine and bio-research.

The commercialisation of reducing plasma generated at atmospheric pressure for in-line industrial applications

Project No.:TJ01000327
Funding Scheme:TAČR Zéta
Budget:125 000 EUR, ROPLASS contribution 22 000 EUR
Program Zéta


The aim of the project is the commercialisation of plasma technology developed recently at R&D Center for Low-Cost Plasma and Nanotechnology Surface Modifications (CEPLANT) at Masaryk University in Brno. The integration of the plasma units for treatment of surfaces in reducing environments (hydrogen and argon) and their mixtures with nitrogen will be employed for the prototype of the commercially available roll-to-roll line for applications in the area of flexible and printed electronics.

Glareal Coat

Glass modification by areal plasma for paintings or coatings

Project No.:CZ.01.1.02/0.0/0.0/16_053/0007132
Funding Scheme:OP EIC / IraSME
Budget:634.265 EUR
Partner Consortium:Czech Republic + Germany
Ministerstvo průmyslu a obchodu
European Regional Development Fund


GLAREAL COAT is a consortium of companies and research organisations in Czech Republic and Germany. The project aims to investigate and develop the potential of areal atmospheric pressure plasmas for glass surface applications, e.g. homogeneous cleaning prior to coating steps, adhesion improvements of paintings in safety glasses or reduction of chemical waste in comparison to traditional wet chemical cleaning.