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The RPS400 is a fully featured atmospheric pressure plasma generator providing area of plasma about 8 x 20 cm. The RPS 400 is capable of continuous operation (24/7) under industrial conditions (dusty air/humidity). The main advantage of the RPS400 is its high level of safety, due to the unique design of its high-voltage cable assembly, which is electrically-hidden in oil tubes. This configuration makes the system very safe, because no bare contacts of high-voltage are presents.

The RPS400 system uses the diffuse coplanar surface barrier discharge to generate atmospheric plasma. It is suitable for treatment of textiles (porous surfaces), plastics (PMMA, PET), metals (copper, aluminium), wood, glass, ITO glass, silicon and others.

The RPS400 outperforms other plasma system by extremely short plasma treatment times (less than 3 s for total hydrophilization of glass), extremely low energy consumption (high plasma density), high level of uniformity in various gases (even oxygen, carbon dioxide, water vapour, etc.) and practically unlimited lifetime on contrary to standard surface DBDs.

The RPS400 can be also up-scaled for large-area treatment.

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