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RPS30 multihollow
The RPS30 equipped with multi-hollow surface dielectric barrier discharge (MSDBD) plasma unit enables to treat surfaces at various distances.
The RPS40 is a small handheld device that allows you to easily treat various flat surfaces by plasma generated by diffuse coplanar surface barrier discharge in ambient air.
RPS40 Plus
The RPS40 Plus is a fully automatic plasma unit capable of being integrated into any manufacturing process.
The RPS400 is a full-featured plasma generator based on the diffuse coplanar surface barrier discharge technology. Total area of plasma is about 8 x 20 cm and is capable of 24/7 service.
RPS400 for roll-to-roll
RPS400 for roll-to-roll is based on standard RPS400 and additionally it features curved electrode system and guiding roll and therefore is suitable for roll-to-roll plasma treatment flexible films.
RPS25x for large-area roll-to-roll
The RPS25x is a large area DCSBD array consisting of 25 plasma units developed for inline treatment in manufacturing conditions.