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About us

ROPLASS s.r.o. is a spin-off company of Masaryk University, Czech Republic, specializing on commercialization of atmospheric pressure plasma generators invented at the CEPLANT - Department of Physical Electronics. ROPLASS was founded in 2011 to allow the university trades with its own inventions.

ROPLASS’s key competence is to design, develop and manufacture the atmospheric-pressure plasma sources and related equipment for surface modification of above all polymeric materials used in automotive, textile, paper and other industries. The business model of ROPLASS is focused on providing the adequate “nanotechnology” response to technological problems of regional industrial partners (SMEs).

The flagship among ROPLASS products is the RPS400, which is manufactured in four variations: small handheld device RPS40, full-featured plasma system RPS400, plasma system for roll-to-roll applications with curved DCSBD units and large area array with 25 RPS400 units.

Prof. Mirko Černák
the founder

Institutions using the DCSBD technology